Thread for Boxing Day

Morning all :wave:

How are you all? I enjoyed reading the last 4-500 replies on the Christmas Day thread when I woke up this morning.

Plans for the day? Might pop out for a walk this morning, though the weather isn’t looking great. Am cooking roast beef, Yorkshires etc for lunch, then football, then I think some friends are coming over tonight but I don’t know how sociable I’ll feel at that point.

Answering all your own questions, CCB? Yes I am.


Hangover audit

  • None
  • Mild fuzz
  • Yeah, not feeling good
  • Still drunk, I think

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Foodover audit

  • No problems
  • Mild bloating
  • Yeah pretty uncomfortable
  • I’m basically Henry VIII

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Been touring Kathmandu today. Went to pashupatinath by accident, its where they have the funeral pyres next to the river. Absolutely heartbreaking start to Boxing Day.
Absolutely beautiful monuments everywhere else though.


Morning CCB, etc

I’m feeling disgusting because I need to figure out how to shower safely on one leg. Sure I’ll work it out but the trial and error is likely to result in pain.

Luckily at home for boxing day, quite often we’ll go to my aunts but that is Saturday this year instead. Traditional spread of party food will appear at lunch and will dominate the rest of the day. I was meant to be making a cheese and onion tray but will probably just be told I am in the way, so maybe not now.

Just not feeling festive.


My day sounds similar to yours.

Tidy the house up a bit.
Cook a roast (mum and dad are coming to mine)
Watch the football on amazon prime
Then dependant on what time my parents leave hopefully they’ll stay Iate, but they will probably want to go home to watch their soaps, then I might go to friends later on (someone will come and pick me up) . Then again might just stay in on my own.

Most importantly I can enjoy a drink today as I won’t be driving.

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:frowning: How about something like this?

My arm was in plaster a couple of years ago and it was so annoying. I hope you find a solution x


Hey you lot. Had a pretty rubbish night again. Ended up with kiddo in bed with me from about 1am. Took her an age to sleep. She’s now softly purring next to me. My wife is sleeping in another room. Shame she’s ill. She’s hasn’t been able to enjoy Christmas.

Breakfast here soon, after I’ve showered. It’s sounding pretty bleak against the velux windows, so a walk may have to be postponed. Late lunch of cold cuts at the in-laws then driving home and getting ready for work tomorrow

When I broke my leg, my foot and knee ligaments (different times). I had something like this.

I know it won’t help today but perhaps make do with clingfilm?

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No plaster here me thankfully, just this ridiculous support boot and without it I can’t put any weight on the leg. I am terrible at maintaining a flamingo stance, think I might just have to sit on the edge of the bath and put a couple of towels on the floor to get all the water that will spill over.

Oh no! The other thing you could try is to put a small plastic chair in the shower and sit on that. GWS :slight_smile:


That is a good idea, can maybe use R’s big step stool as that has anti-slip buts on the feet too and should mean I am raised enough to be able to get up easily enough.

If you see me posting later you’ll know I haven’t slipped and had another trip to A&E :+1:


Morning! Still in bed but mrS has brought me tea and phone. Off to my aunt’s near Oxford today for lunch but hopefully home in the for the big match.

Hope everyone has hung their BOXES on the wall.


Morning everyone - just getting my shit together to get up.

It’s pissing it down outside and I don’t think it’s going to stop. No plans to do leave the flat today bar taking the kids back to their mums about lunchtime.

Hope there’s some good films on later

Just remembered: I woke up at about 3 this morning and realised I hadn’t cancelled my Prime trial before bed. Didn’t want to do it right then (would wake Mrs CCB up) so I laid there worrying about it for a while before falling asleep.

Luckily I’d actually got til the end of today so all’s fine :+1:


Meeting some pals later for the offspring present swap. He’s not even opened all the presents he’s got so far - think he’s a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. Hoping the TV feels better as she’s had a cough for weeks and now she’s all shivery.

“Pretty Fly For A White Guy on limited 7”! Thanks, uncle Jeff!"


Good morning boxes! I am so fucking tired. Like as if I have not slept in a decade. It is mental.

I did sleep though, on my side, and it feels like my incision has been forced open by a butcher looking for prize.

Christmas is good. I like it.

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Silly baby woke hourly last night :tired_face: And was fully awake at 530.

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Not sure what to do today, probably take the tree down as I hate it up past xmas day.