Thread for bringing @creakyknees up to date on stuff



Julian Casablancas

Nothing much else


Hitler was banned


Donald Trump was elected president of the USA


We saw it (eventually).


@1101010 is really TheoGB. And he is Australian


@ma0sm is really @maosm

And he’s dutch


Hallo Krakendeknieën!


Kraken = creaky?
Who’d of thought?
Certainly makes that sea monster a bit less scary


This place is really becoming 2013 again isn’t it.


Ant tried coffee
Balonz came back (but he’s not staying)
The Last Jedi was universally loved by all
Meowington is now the board’s dating coach
There was a 19,000 post thread about how we talk to each other - 8 people took part, throwing 14-paragraph posts at each other. No one else read it.
We’re not allowed to mention Hitler for lols or Theo will ban us.


you really are a bloody bore sometimes


I left for like 3 months and no-one fucking noticed.


You were much missed, balinz.


zxcvbnm often mentions how he left and no one noticed




A maosm alt, I think






You have no idea how right you are.