Thread for cataloguing similar avatars

They look similar and they both give me the shudders

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Keep getting muddled over whether tuna’s is or isn’t Amy Poehler. I mean, I think I know it’s not, but the small version tricks me, and I can’t remember if there was some sort of unlikely backstory when it was bought up previously.

I believe it’s not just a single cover but an obscure one so it would seem unlikely. But who knows.

it is amy poehler


also this is what I look like irl

It was the lead single from their best known album.

It’s not from I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One

Dunno, I recall searching for it online and finding a different cover most places. Must be confusing it with another one I guess.

Would assume it was, if only because they’re in an episode of Parks and Rec


@otto & @SleepingCapybara

What a pair of cuties.