Thread for chat about starting new rolling threads for the new year

Respect the hustle.

Especially @TVDenimChap starting the gaming thread for the year with their Twitch profile embedded into the OP.

I remember one year years ago, I started the rolling hip-hop thread only to have @theShipment start it the next day. His status on the music board was so strong that people didn’t even mention it, just switched straight to his one. Gotta respect that level of reputation, well deserved too.


Is this… the Metaverse?

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The Metaverse 2022

Everyday I’m hustling

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I made the rolling hip hop thread last year because R.A.P. Ferreira released Bob’s Son on New Year’s day and I wanted to talk about it immediately as I loved it from the first listen. Think I’ll leave it to one of the other regulars this year though as it’s such an active thread I was a bit overwhelmed by the notifications.


it’s a big responsibility. Many have sunk under the weight.


You can switch those off…

@Octobadger takes the responsibility very seriously, they should be applauded for this


They see me rollin’
They hate it.

Think I can smell breakfast. But at what cost?!

Not even one new subscriber, smh. Not sure I’ll even bother making a Gaming 2023 thread next year.

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