Thread for Christmas Day Loners

You alone tomorrow? I will be! Tell me your solo plans.

Mine are:
Go for a walk in my favourite local park
Skype the folks and the tv
Eat leftover pizza and lots of Quality Street
Watch Muppet Christmas Carol
Play lots of Football Manager
Dick about on here

Going to be weird, have never been alone on Christmas before, but hey, I can’t argue with myself so at least it’ll be peaceful. Should have some gifts to open but none have arrived here yet :’(


Oh god imagine if no one replied to this. Really compound it.



Think I’m going to spend today getting really drunk so when I wake up tomorrow is unknown.

I’ve ordered lots of food from the Local Indian for tomorrow so I’ll eat some of that.

Probably spend most of the day on DiS. Think I’ll get the new FM too. Seems like the ideal way to get through the holidays alone.

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Wish there was a local Indian open here, I’d have rinsed that. What are you getting?

I don’t celebrate Christmas and will he housesitting for relatives alone on the weekend so if anyone is up for a zoom chat on the day then that would be good, @TheBarbieMovie2023 made a thread about it and it happened last year right?


I have ordered:

Chicken & veg pakora
Onion bhajis
King Prawn South Indian garlic chilli
Cumin Lamb masala
Garlic and coriander naan
Pilao rice

I’m really lookung forward to it but I usually look forward to turkey, etc. Maybe next year.

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Half alone here in that I’m in the family home but isolating until NYE. Just hoping my taste holds up until the dinner tomorrow

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Excellent choices

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That would be lovely!

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:wave: :wave:



I’m eating Thai food, reading isekai manhwa, and listening to random music as the mood strikes me. It’s been raining! Great day all around.


Glad to hear it, sounds like a great day.

Mine was lovely, punctuated by a call from my sister detailing the family arguments I didn’t have to witness :sunglasses:


Drama is great when you aren’t involved at all.