thread for computer programming ppl

Which languages you using?

  • Python
  • C
  • C+
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • R
  • Other (please specify)

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based on two weeks of doing it, C is a horrific language and Python is lovely

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I do more back end stuff that uses some bastardised coding language only really used by the no.1 higher education student records system!!1

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I still can’t get anything to compile properly

does anyone use C?

It’s incredibly frustrating early on as moved from a field totally unrelated. Was basically doing assessments at a Uni and then needed to learn as got roped into a project 4 years ago.
Signing up to Udmey free courses is pretty helpful.

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I quite like code academy but all the best content is quite pricey

tried to learn C++ at uni but found it way too hard to learn by myself. wanna get one of those jobs where you’re in a dev team and they give you free training for the first few months

Yeah, think the only money I’ve paid is for some Jon Duckett books. Been sent on some very specific training courses for the system I work in as well. Very little transferability in the job I do, let’s just hope higher education is in great shape with great prospects over the next few years!..oh, hang on…

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Just…did it. Fine. i think learning it as a concept is much harder than doing it for some real world purpose.

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Would like to learn C#

Dunno if coming at it as an intermediate JavaScripter would be a help or hindrance

Not intermediate, dunno I’m shite nvm

Yeah I’m having lessons at work, having been a JS developer for 18 months. Already knowing JS is a massive help, I’m picking it up really quickly. If I’d started on C# instead of JS I think I’d have had a way harder time of it, JS is definitely easier to pick up and was a good language for learning how to actually make stuff in.

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Front end web stuff

Lots of lovely badly commented spaghetti code which somehow works as long as you don’t touch anything at all



it’s so hard :anguished:

I have so much new found respect for people who are actually good at this stuff

idk if it’s just cause I’m learning C which is so so hard to debug and causes lots of anxiety

C is horrible, how come you’re doing it?

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I make things happen the way i want them to happen using silly code words and suchlike. Would like to learn a language properly, but not really sure how to go about finding a reason to do so.


the three amigos.

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I liked Delphi, miss programming in that.