Thread for Days of Yore: Rick Stein

Just so I don’t forget, we’ll use this thread to discuss Rick Stein from 0930 onwards on 19/01/2017

Can’t wait! I’ve got some #bigopinions on his weekend’s with Rick show, a lot of them revolve around the theme tune. See you tomorrow Tone!

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Tomorrow this thread title will still say tomorrow.

Breaks my fucking heart.

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I too have an opinion on the theme tune.

And that is, that it’s S H I T

Please don’t unblur that until tomorrow everyone

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I’ll ask Theobald to change it, I’m sure he’ll oblige as he is a good and honest man.

Not Rick Stein related but I would like to re-log my spate of Bill Murray dreams here so that you can all marvel at my witch-like powers should he die or something this week.

I unblurred it and then saw your disclaimer :scream:

just registering my interest in this rick stein seminar

  • I love little baby chick head Rick stein
  • More like Dick stein

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He’s a good chap but I’ll never try anything he’s cooking so to me he’s just like some well meaning abstract clown with a set of expensive bowls. And then going a bit red skinned abroad.

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Won’t be around tomorrow so I’m registering my thoughts now, soz.

I quite like him but I don’t like the spoon/fork flung smugly into an empty bowl gimmick.

That’s really the only part I actually like, because he’s all about food as an experience you’ve got to have on some cobble in Malta so when he visually highlights the inevitable emptiness times passing leaves you with it’s like he’s disproving himself every time. Poor, sad Rick.

"oh but we’ll always remember the cobble, and think about what must be in my top five dishes of this series"
Will we Rick? Will we.

Dated someone in his family a couple of years ago. Nice bunch.

I miss Chalky :sob:


Shit I am ready for this thread :grimacing:

The theme tune is so bad it’s brilliant!

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Hey Rick! Where’re we goin’ next weekend?


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Starting to believe he’s actually an existentialist philosopher disguised as a fish boiler

In this kind of post-Chalky world, anything is possible.

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