Thread for Days of Yore: Rick Stein


"Not enough people to insult if we limit ourselves to cities "



Amazing, although I forgot it’s fucking Linehan in that episode which makes it a bit :grimacing: now.




This is my favourite ever thread on DiS btw




France? :slightly_frowning_face:


I mean, how can you not be ready for hours of this?!



I think he quite admires the French though. It’s more fun when he looks down on them.


Agreed. The Albania episode was an absolute rollercoaster. His annoying lad shows up too.


Could imagine him taking them to task on their culinary delusions of grandeur, as he knocks up a Padstow bisque (in a creased, pink linen shirt)


jack russell’s are all nasty little shits


Don’t be a dickhead, Smee