Thread for determining the best Big Brother contestant (haters stay out)



Imma do a series of polls to determine DiS’s best Big Brother contestant, to celebrate the best TV show of this millennium so far.

We can reminisce about our favourite characters, moments and controversies along the way.

What a great time we’ll all have.

To begin, let us reflect on a farce that you just couldn’t write, and it was all thanks to David Bowie dying…


I’ll post 8 polls, the top 4 of which will go through to the next round.


  • Anthony BB6
  • Alexandra BB9
  • Katie Price CBB15
  • Emma BB5
  • Brian BB2
  • Jason BB5
  • Kitten BB5
  • Charlotte Crosby CBB12
  • Imogen BB7
  • Helen BB15
  • Lisa BB9
  • Shilpa Shetty CBB5
  • Ashleigh BB15
  • Nick BB1
  • Speidi CBB11
  • Craig BB1
  • Paddy Doherty CBB8
  • Kimberly BB15

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Who else is hyped as hell for this thread? I am!


I’m a hater but I just wanted to wish you luck with your thread anyway!


I’m going to need pictures to be able to remember most of these I’m afraid but I am onboard with the thread.


I’ll pop little reminders next to their names. I’ll try and add photos but might be a ballache


For me, it’s Craig. Gave his winnings away so a girl with Down’s syndrome could have a heart transplant. What a hero. Nice guy




I’ll post 8 polls, the top 4 of which will go through to the next round.


  • Anthony BB6 (Geordie disco dancer)
  • Alexandra BB9 (Threatening gang member)
  • Katie Price CBB15 (Jordan)
  • Emma BB5 (Gimp locked in the bedsit with Michelle)
  • Brian BB2 (Dowling)
  • Jason BB5 (Leader of the Jungle cats)
  • Kitten BB5 (prick)
  • Charlotte Crosby CBB12 (Geordie shore)
  • Imogen BB7 (Gave it Giggseh)
  • Helen BB15 (Arsehole)
  • Mario & Lisa BB9 (Married couple, weirdos)
  • Shilpa Shetty CBB5 (Got racismed)
  • Ashleigh BB15 (Norn Iron lass)
  • Nick BB1 (Nasty fella)
  • Speidi CBB11 (Ultimate villains)
  • Craig BB1 (Scouse, first winner)
  • Paddy Doherty CBB8 (King of the Gypsies)
  • Kimberly BB15 (American, possible house pregnancy)

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The one with courgettes who I think won seemed genuinely nice (probably wasn’t)


Thanks autocorrect


Yeah, Brackie


okay so the best ever us Ben Duncan so this thread is straight away flawed


fucking Emma and Kitty no way



  • Paul BB2 (Helen’s boring bloke)
  • Emilia BB Celeb Hijack (Contorsionist)
  • Makosi BB6 (Jacuzi shagger)
  • Isabelle BB18 (Winner, dunno didn’t watch it)
  • Dexter BB14 (Rich with a heart of gold)
  • Jackie Stallone CBB3 (Yeah… Brackie)
  • Ben BB11 (shit at football posho)
  • Rex BB9 (mean-spirited banter merchant)
  • Alison BB3 (This Morning host, broke a table)
  • Melanie BB1 (Responsible for the first visible BB erection)
  • Aaron BB12 (Winner, nice guy all round)
  • Grace BB7 (Sloan Square type)
  • Donny Tourette CBB5 (cunt)
  • Pete Burns CBB4 (cunt)
  • Brian BB8 (Belo, the legend)
  • Vanessa Feltz CBB1 (went mental)
  • Jade BB3 (Goody, formerly alive)
  • Ulrika Jonsson CBB6 (ka ka ka ka ka)

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he’s in group 2 relax m9


your picks are all over the place

where’s Eugene? where;s John James? Where’s Marc? rubbish


Pete Burns was FANTASTIC too





Ben is my ultimate favourite. I loved him so much