Thread for determining the best Big Brother contestant (haters stay out)

Imma do a series of polls to determine DiS’s best Big Brother contestant, to celebrate the best TV show of this millennium so far.

We can reminisce about our favourite characters, moments and controversies along the way.

What a great time we’ll all have.

To begin, let us reflect on a farce that you just couldn’t write, and it was all thanks to David Bowie dying…


I’m a hater but I just wanted to wish you luck with your thread anyway!


I’m going to need pictures to be able to remember most of these I’m afraid but I am onboard with the thread.


For me, it’s Craig. Gave his winnings away so a girl with Down’s syndrome could have a heart transplant. What a hero. Nice guy




The one with courgettes who I think won seemed genuinely nice (probably wasn’t)

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Thanks autocorrect

okay so the best ever us Ben Duncan so this thread is straight away flawed

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fucking Emma and Kitty no way

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your picks are all over the place

where’s Eugene? where;s John James? Where’s Marc? rubbish

Pete Burns was FANTASTIC too

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Ben is my ultimate favourite. I loved him so much

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not a day goes by where i dont think of PEE-PULL with Andrew Stone jiving

its only me you and @penoid who cares though :frowning:

The winner will be Darren the chicken guy from s1 though, right?

ah i love BB

“David Is dead” is probably my favourite moment of tv in last few years.

Such a beautiful clusterfuck where all the stars aligned perfectly

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Where is jon tickle m8

Thanks for the reassurance.

Spot on, everything had to be right. Not sure it can be bettered