Thread for dinner related polls


Have you had your dinner/supper/whatever today?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m preparing it right now
  • Not having any dinner lol

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Do you have a regular Friday/weekend dinner that you always or regularly have?

  • No
  • Yes
  • I eat the same thing every day
  • I don’t eat dinner

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are you hungry?

  • yes
  • no

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Have you decided what you are going to have for dinner?

  • Yes (specify below)
  • No

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Yes, whiterussian, I have decided. I’m having leftover curry.




Yes, whiterussian, I am preparing a chicken balti-kinda.


Yes Whiterussian, we are having a curry.


Yes whiterussian. We have decided. We are having channa masala.


Very much enjoying all of your replies.


Thai :smile:


A LOT OF CURRY GOING ON #curryisland


yup, curry here too after whiterussian’s #currygate last night

i actually forgot to eat lunch today and i’m hungry but i’m not curled up on the floor frothing at the mouth which is a surprise


Yes we have had sausage and mash with greens.

Kids had hoops on toast as they are oddities who don’t like mash


ffs @Ruffers eat some dinner fer chrissakes


Dads making curry because he’s a great bunch of lad


To reiterate, I’m having beef noodles, no curry for me…


For once it actually wasn’t me who started the food craze, it was the curry thread! At least that’s what influenced me to get curry. Normally when I start a food trend on here it’s pizza.


Yes whiterussian we are having Louisiana chicken (ASCII shrug), sweet potato fries and cold sore.


Really not feeling it rn, maybe later though!