Thread for discussing fake meat products

Quorn bacon: how is this different to the ham? Why are you making me fry it??

Quorn pepperoni: not bad actually. Does a job. Bit sweet though

Linda M pies: impossible to get the bottom crisp. Avoid!

Quorn mince: absolutely fine for spag bol or chilli.
Quorn or Fry’s nuggets: No noticeable difference to chicken nuggets.


I don’t know what meat tastes like but I do like the pepperoni

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Quorn sausages are kind of alright but a bit shit at the same time.

Cauldron (Lincolnshire)> linda m>>>>>>>>>>>>>>quorn


Also this


What are the best Linda Mac sausages? I really like the chorizo red pepper ones.


Good? Not had that yet.

Think Quorn has gone downhill over the past couple of years. Their products have stayed the same but the competitors have come on leaps and bounds.

Yeah. They do a bacon too that is pretty good but very fake smokey.

would have agreed, but tbf they have launched a few new products over the last few months, and some are pretty good. Lot more competition out there now though.

I enjoy to eat Quorn sausages sometimes. I do NOT enjoy to eat Quorn mince.

Greggs Sausage Roll though. Jesus, what a beauty. Was keeping track of how many I had but lost count. Think I was having 2 or 3 a week for a while there.

Ocado used to do vegan kievs that were alright. Stopped doing em now though.

O aye what new ones are particularly good?

Tell you what has always been good those chicken cheese escalopes. Makes for a great burger-patty-replacement

Mmm yeah I like these

mince is fucking shite anyway, why would anyone go out of their way to buy mince, shittest of the meats

Not sure this is the place for this, but last night we had pulled pork burgers but instead of being pulled pork it was shredded king oyster mushrooms. My bf is the chef in our house and I’ve no idea how he did it- but it was amazing and I want it again tonight.

One of my clients is finalising a patented new meat substitute that is then getting investment and going to be the next ‘quorn’ but actually nice- this is quite ool, although I’ve not tried any of it yet.

Had a linda burger at the weekend and was amazed it wasn’t meat. Her rosemary sausages are good too.


Sometimes you might want to make something out of the mince rather than just eating the mince on its own

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I love the Linda M pies.

The worst is those red pepper and spinach quorn slices. Absolutely foul