Thread for dissers to provide answers to questions with minimal information (rolling)

Who is that actor that I always get confused with Phil Daniels? Possibly also called Phil. No idea what he’s been in. Glasses, grey hair.

Many thanks.

Phil Davis?



Many thanks.

Huh, turns out he was in Quadrophenia too.

I now pass this thread over to the community.

Basically played guess who

no one has ever searched for Mark Wingett

…until now. Also in Quadrophenia apparently. Of course!

Never seen it.

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I also suffer from this confusion. Small world.

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maybe we should have a quadrophenia viewing party

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At this juncture I wish to name drop that I once went to dinner with Leslie Ash.

(I was a child and others were in attendance)


was clunesy there?

Unfortunately not. There was someone else relatively famous in attendance but I do not feel comfortable disclosing who it was.


Worst face in the gammon nine:

  • Bottom left
  • Bottom right
  • Centre
  • Other

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Centre right (lol)

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Yeah, I’ll allow that. Should’ve made him an option.

Looks like a guy at work who said he was voting Leave because he hates France.

Top left

bad, but not worse than bottom left imho

Put the tache on bottom left and then you’re talking!

Did they used to play for Leeds United?