Thread for documenting christmas arguments


4:30 xmas eve - my mum couldn’t find the scissors, i found the scissors, she said she wanted the other scissors, i said i couldn’t really see the difference and refused to find the other scissors for her, she’s cross at me.


you’re a terrible son


Made a four year old cry by doing my jigsaw faster than she did hers.

Her fault for calling me out, tbqfh.




Most of them revolve around me wanting to switch lights on and not sit in darkness.

Dad tried to charge me 20p for leaving the porch light on last night.


You’ve got all of this ahead of you, Uncle Japesy. Better get practicing.


That top drawer dad behaviour :grinning:


Oh god, the number of times I’ve had to let mine nutmeg me at football / lose at piggy in the middle


my mum read me a long Facebook argument between her and my sister.


things have progressed

found in the waste paper bin in the office. i’m just a pawn in a much bigger game.


can you recount it word for word?


No arguments yet, just niggling because my sister left it to the last minute to go to the shop.


I can’t. But it was my mum asking over and over about Braxton Hicks, and my sister telling her to stop asking over and over again.


9pm on the 23rd: extended family wondering why Princess Michael’s badge was viewed as racist

7.30pm on Xmas Eve: explaining to my dad why people my age can’t afford houses



My Dad used to nag me for leaving lights on around the house when I came back. This year he’s installed motion detectors inside the house to turn them on/off.

I admire his evil genius to be honest.


Whatever it is, let it slide. They (or you) may not be here in body, mind nor spirit next Christmas.

If you need to vent, just write down how you feel (pretend you’re texting someone) and if it’s something that really has to be said, email it or read it aloud to them at some point.

🌨️⛄🎁 Merry Christmas Daily Thread 🌲🍾🍽️

Not an argument but had to ask my mum to stop fussing so much. She’s planning my train snack for when i go back to london on the 29th.


Does shouting at the radio count? Someone was just on comparing quantum mechanics to being a communist to make the point that we shouldnt be communists.


Tbf people leaving lights on are environmental monsters.


I suppose you will have something to say about me serving rhino instead of turkey at lunch as well?