Thread for documenting people you have seen who are dressed inappropriately for the weather

Saw someone wearing a leather duster yesterday a la Always Sunny. That is some commitment to your statement coat


Also saw a man wearing a shirt buttoned to the top and a jumper on the beach and a man cycling in a waterproof jacket that might as well have been a bin bag (wasn’t hi viz so no reason to be wearing it for visibility)

TV: “Why are you wearing trousers? Why aren’t you wearing your shorts? It’s over 30 degrees today”
ma0sm: “I’m pretending to everyone that the heat is no big deal because I lived in Australia.”
TV: [doesn’t even react anymore, deadness behind the eyes].


Jade came to watch the football on Saturday and got an awful lot of stick for bringing a cardigan with her

Didn’t wear shorts all weekend, obviously.

Leave Jade alone!

She took it in good humour as she always does, bloody love Webbo.

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Save it for Thursday


Drove through Stamford Hill yesterday and I’m not quite sure how the Hasidic Jewish population are coping with it all.

Had this exact thought yesterday as well upon seeing a few Hasidic lads out and about at Ally Pally

woman in a cafe in a big coat

Went to a Jewish wedding a couple of weeks ago, the chuppah took place in direct sunlight in the middle of the afternoon and those lads didn’t even flinch. One of them even put his jacket on.

Sidenote: Jewish weddings are brilliant.

Some of the marchers at the anti-fascism demo had face coverings (understandable) but also hoodies and thick jogging trousers?

Full roaster was on his way to Tesco as I was on my way back. In a jacket. Why are you wearing a jacket? I don’t like to hold my wallet in my hand.

He has chinos on…


Yeah I’d like to go to a massive Jewish wedding actually. 200 people, full Kosher catering the lot.

I was worried about this guy who I saw multiple times a day walking to town n back in a big coat looking miserable. Then I saw him walking with some friends chatting happily and I think it’s just their style.

Some of the roided bodybuilding lads at the gym are in thick hoodies (with hoods up) saying something about not needing to cardio (just greenhousing their poor bodies will do appaz)

some impressive sweat patches on display

Carried it on the way back.

I saw a woman in a zipped up fleece yesterday (it was 30 degrees)

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Goth-rocker dude in the front outdoor area of Turnpike Lane Wetherspoons yesterday. He was there when I went past on the bus at 2pm and still there five hours later when me and Clive went in for a pint - wearing black jeans, a black shirt, black leather waistcoat, full length black leathercoat and black cowboy hat. Not a drop of sweat on him and he rolled a fag in his left hand and played air guitar to whatever was coming out of his earphones with his right hand. I admired the dedication to his cause.

this trumps mine - he at least was only wearing a t-shirt under the duster