Thread for documenting things that you're pretty sure they've recently changed the recipe of

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer - either my work canteen has an old/bad batch or it now tastes less like actual sugar and more like sweetener

Sugar tax, pal!

My wife is doing her nut about 'bena.


Oh fuck is it? Nooooooooo


they actually did though

Yeah. She’s got two old bottles of the full sugar stuff that she is holding onto. It’s all very sad.

Meanwhile (as I have always been a Light drinker) I’m bringing gallons of the shit into the house as it is £1.26 a bottle in Tezzas.

Not the recipe but when Pret started putting their tom & mozz croissants out on the shelves instead of behind the counter the quality plummeted and never recovered.

Vaguely connected poll :

Do you care about the possible health risks of artificial sweeteners like aspartame and stuff?

  • Yeah
  • Nah

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Only when I am really stoned

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Don’t they put them in the hot fridge (not sure what it’s officially called?) where the porridge is?
Surely that would definitely damage the taste of the croissant and make it dry?

My friend was telling me about the dangers aspartame when I wanted a diet coke the other day.

Still not sure I get it??


that is exactly what happens meowington. Fuck the hot fridge (food sauna?)


I get my usual salad from vital and always roquito peppers cause I love them! Sweet little bells of spicy joy.

But today, they seem to have replaced them with pure chopped up chilli??? I’m fucking dying here.


please update the official thread for this

It’s fine

Ok I will sorry about that

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I’m going to need 9 more studies to make an informed decision about this.

It looks delicious otherwise though!

This weekend, I asked my (kind of) sister in law that if she had to go to a shop right now and get a drink, what would it be?

She said Ribena.

I was very confused because she’s an adult?? And you and your wife seem to be adults??
Why is everyone drinking ribena?

I just got given a free ribeana as well.

Fucking spicy.

I am a man of myriad tastes. Sophisticated, base and everything between. I’m as advanced as humanity can be.

I fucking love a weak Ribena Light.