Thread for documenting when strangers shout at you in the street (rolling)

Possibly SSP if we use this to talk about cat-calling and harassment.

Yesterday I walked past some work men who whistled The Addams Family theme at me. God knows why.

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Fucking mad innit how dicks like this are enabled to the point that they’ll openly do stuff like that when at work. I had a gang of roofers shout a load of abuse at me for no reason. They were working on a particular house and their marked vans were right outside, but no fear of consequences at all.


Think the last time was in winter when someone shouted ‘f****t’ at me because I was wearing running tights.

Weird men GO AWAY


Excluding cunty drivers when I’m cycling obviously.


Had someone shout catch and pretend to throw a ball at me yesterday evening.Then they laughed uproariously. I dunno about that one


I thought this was going to be a fun thread.

A group of teenagers in tracksuits shouted ‘Benjamin Franklin’ towards me in Belfast ten years ago.

We spent a weekend asking people what they knew about BF to try to work out why.


That’s better than abuse… Maybe even mildly amusing. Punk’d.

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I got thumped by some old drunk whilst I was using a cash machine yesterday afternoon. Wasn’t very hard but think he was going down the street doing it to everyone judging by the shouting and commotion.

Yeah it was pretty innocuous. I wonder if they were doing it to everyone who walked past them

Doesn’t quite fit the brief, but a friend of mine had shit thrown at him out of a car.

I definitely didn’t laugh.

Funnest one I’ve heard was a friend walking to work on a rainy day with an umbrella, jumped over a puddle and some kids across the street shouted ‘singing in the rain cunt’ at him



Someone shouted ‘TALK TO FRANK’ out of a car window at me recently. Heh.




Pooey spence

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Had some girl shout 'purple t-shirt ’ at me from a passing car. I was wearing a purple t-shirt, but just why?


Such a weird thing isn’t it. I wonder if it happens as much in other countries?

We don’t get the opportunity to smash people’s mail boxes from the passenger window with baseball bats though.


This has completely done me.

Some builders were shouting something at me when I was in CzechWorld a few weeks back but alas, I cannot speak Czech so don’t know whether it was friendly or not.