Thread for documenting when strangers shout at you in the street (rolling)


Although far worse was the girl who posted in our town FB group about a group of lads whistling at her.

In the 200+ responses and the half-a-dozen subsequent posts relating to it, the opinions can roughly be split like this:
5% - Fuck those guys, it’s bang out order.
15% - It’s a compliment love, you should feel proud.
55% - Oh I can’t remember the last time I was lucky enough to have people whistle at me / chance would be a fine thing.
25% - Get a life you sad act. There’re people dying from cancer or with real things to worry about.

She ended up deleting in the end because of the level of abuse she was getting. Fucking shitcunts.


You need to remember that @xylo is a MACHINE!


@rich-t was briefly a stranger shouting at me in the street yesterday, then I recognised his sweet beard and gave him a cheery middle finger wave and a thumbs up :wave: :+1:


life, mother fucker



took the dog for a bedtime walk last night near the carnival last night about 1ish, so loads of groups of people hanging round getting rowdy. got called a batty man, which is summat ive not had for a while, fair dos. i assume its coz i was walking a tiny little cutie, coz my coat was done up over my girl’s tshirt and he couldn’t see my pink shoes from where he was stood, both of which i expect would have been fuel for the “batty man” fire, as it were


Someone shouted lezzer at me a couple of months ago and it took me a couple of seconds to realise he was being homophobic rather than just trying to get the attention of the nearest Lesbian.


Walking with my girlfriend last night in East Villiage (NYC) (have I mentioned i’m there atm??), and 2 guys in a convertible (with several dogs in the back) shouted


which was nice I guess


Hey I thought you meant East Village (Peterborough) so i’m glad you cleared it up tbf


how often do you think these street shouters are doing it? like I wonder if those people in the convertable are just riding around with dogs shouting at everyone they see.



I used to have a Rude Dog and the Dweebs t shirt. I bet it would go for a fortune these days. Or maybe not.


I’d love to see someone turn up on the Antiques Roadshow with a Rude-Dog and the Dweebs T-shirt.


“Go away”

A cyclist who ran a red light and almost crashed in to me when I crossed the road this morning.


Bloody cyclists


How much is it worth…for insurance purposes?


someone called me a batty man earlier (they did not shout). really took me back. don’t think I’ve been called a batty boy since I was 15.


Just had someone shout something at me from a passing car as I walked to the train station. I went from feeling very :+1: about how I looked to very :-1:


turns out it’s back, in a big way


Fuck that dickhead. Bet you look great, mate.