Thread for documenting when strangers shout at you in the street (rolling)


Yeah man, wear what you want.

Don’t take any notice of what anyone else says or thinks. Fuck ‘em.


glad to have shared this experience with you, think we’re at the vanguard


not recently, but on two separate occasions in the past, people passing by me have spat fully into my face. is this a regular occurrence?


Fucking Christ …


I was walking along Church st in Stokey today and a man smiled at me and said Hello.

I said Hello and told him that I thought both Pinkerton and Blue had merit in their own right


just has someone shout at me in the park coz ive got a cymru patch on my denim jacket. “sheep shaggers! them welsh are sheep shaggers!” cool.


A young man in a tank top and winter hat pulled up next to me and started alternating between yelling “fuck” and making Jonathan Davis noises.


When I was about 14 I went to QPR Villa with my QPR supporting mate. Don’t even support QPR. On the way out a couple of Villa fans, full men, walked over and spat in my face.

Think that is it for me.