Thread for events cancelled/postponed due to the Coronavirus

South By Southwest & Coachella gone so far.

Coachella has already been moved to October:

Bryan Adams in Sweden postponed to May

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RA have a rolling page about the dancey side of things

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Madrid Popfest, a DIY indiepop festival due to take place this weekend, has been cancelled due to the Ministry of Health imposing restrictions on crowd sizes.

Pearl Jam’s entire North American tour in late- March and April


Postponed, like Coachella - although no new dates have been announced yet.

Torche have pulled their euro tour with russian circles but russian circles still hoping to play roadburn.

I’m going to be so gutted if roadburn gets pulled but Walter seems fairly positive at the moment (as much as he can be i guess)

Wolf Parade cancelled. Anamanaguchi rescheduled for September.

Looks like E3 will be cancelled / postponed. Announcement due later today

Thats not til June right? Interesting.

The Zac Brown Band have cancelled the spring leg of this year’s tour…

Wouldn’t know a Zac Brown Band song if I fell over one but I imagine it’s middle the road country rock jams

Cheeky post

Sleeper have announced June dates. They’re likely to go ahead as large crowds are definitely not expected.


Might be strongly linked to gaming’s reliance on Chinese manufacturing. It’s supposed to be a new console year, I imagine that’s very up in the air atm.

Now officially cancelled

Melted Music Festival which was going to be happening this weekend in Columbus, Ohio.

It is with heavy emotions that we share this news, Melted Music Festival is canceled for this weekend.

Yesterday, March 10, 2020, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine recommended avoiding large gatherings and events amid the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19.

Today, March 11, 2020, Governor DeWine gave a press conference and has confirmed that this recommendation is now going to be mandated by the State of Ohio. We are still waiting for the written mandate to be published, but given the governor’s verbal statement, Melted Music Festival has no choice but to cancel.”

If this carries on The National’s Homecoming Festival, at the start of May, is going to be knocked on the head too. Got tickets for that one.

My Chemical Romance Japan tour postponed