Thread for events cancelled/postponed due to the Coronavirus

Edit: Tuna already posted it!

My guess is they’ll decide in a month or so. Going to be gutted when they inevitably postpone :cold_sweat:

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The Olympic Games! And everything!

I can’t see a gig or concert happening this year unfortunately.

To allow a packed out Lexington or a sold out O2 concert to go ahead after what would be months of restrictions necessary would be hard to imagine in 2020.

Of course I hope I’m completely wrong.


Yeah I’d love to be wrong but hard to see it. Maybe small gigs can take place at intervals.

I just wonder… Would any gig venue or festival be left by that point? Apart from the O2s of this world…

I can see things happening in autumn with suitable improvements with testing or vaccination, but that’s the absolute best scenario in my mind

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I hope so but the music scene and small venues will be changed forever.

If some big companies and corporations are going to fold in the next few months it’s hard to imagine the majority of small independent venues being able to weather this storm and reopen when this is crisis is all over/firmly under control.

I think between July-Sept some events could definitely go ahead. Maybe not arena gigs on festivals but the lockdown measures shouldn’t need to be as stringent then.
October onwards then you’re probably right.

Tokyo Olympics pushed back to 2021

Bet whoever made this playlist feels foolish now

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Download festival cancelled. They will be offering refunds or carryover of tickets.

All Points East.

Ticket holders will be refunded.

My thoughts have now switched from “I hope I can go to some festival this summer” to “I hope I can hang out with my friends at some point this summer”.

I think all mass gatherings will be banned for the rest of the year to stop resurgence. If they set rules like that, maybe we can avoid a series of on-off lockdowns.


Lovebox cancelled

Leeds Carnival cancelled. Gutted, as I had loads of fun last year. Anyone heard anything about Notting Hill Carnival?

The organisers put a statement out on 18 March saying that they continue planning for the Carnival as usual and hope that the situation has improved by June.

Feel like that’s one of the first things I’ve heard about getting cancelled that’s deep into the summer (late August for those who don’t know)

The Olympics?

Did think of that immediately afterwards - guess it’s a slightly different scale, much as I love the carnival

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Edinburgh Fringe about to be cancelled

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