Thread for events cancelled/postponed due to the Coronavirus

Just seen something interesting a folk thing that happens in March/April every year has cancelled for the 2nd year running (this year obvs). Anyway the reason they have cancelled is that they are unable to book venues for 2021. Which makes me wonder how places are booking gigs for February, March & April.

That reads to me that all the venues are booked up next year right?>

From what I know social distancing in venues is expected October-March. That’s what the venue funding grants are to cover anyway

Maybe I haven’t thought about it that way actually but, knowing a couple of the organisers when I was younger they would out right say if places were fully booked. This read like the venues can’t guarantee that they’ll be able host events safely.

Sophie at Oval Space, originally scheduled for March, postponed to next month, has been postponed again with no exact date in mind.

Just cancel it so that I can have my money back, please.

…to October next year.

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Pillow Queens have announced a tour in April which feels very optimistic at the moment

My next three gigs are on 29, 30 and 31 March. All of those went on sale in the last month. Was probably a tad optimistic of me to book those.

Looks like Working Men’s Club are going for it on 4th October

Mogwai just cancelled the Feb gigs :frowning:
I was laughing at myself for buying tickets so far in advance. :sob:

It is funny in a way that they made that pre-announcement tweet saying they were going to announce something big, and it turned out to just be shows happening in a year and a half, and now they aren’t happening.


Shocked I am, shocked.


Presume the whole tour has been cancelled.

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show in Newcastle is cancelled

I’m existing in a permanent shitty mood realising that my February reschedules for next year are definitely off the cards.


Doing a third full scale migration of my gig calender has sucked all the motivation out of me… turns out I need gigs for life


Reckon when things are less fucked it’d be cool to chip in and DiSers book a small retreat for a weekend and do our own mini ATP for Dis folks and with Dis bands.
I remember Joke mentioned some places in better times.


Buying a ticket to something announced for 1 May next year

  • Gonna happen
  • Cancelled by the end of February at the latest

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Feel like some combination of rapid testing/vaccine/whatever will be enabling gigs by late spring so reckon you’ll be alright.

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Won’t happen by then unfortunately.

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i’d be painfully up for this idea

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