Thread for events cancelled/postponed due to the Coronavirus

Flaming Lips aren’t doing Bearded Theory anymore because they’d have to quarantine a crew of approx forty people apparently. Patti Smith is still on though (or was last I heard in this ever shifting world)

The third step will come from 17 May - if the data allows - and will see the “rule of six” abolished for outdoor gatherings, replaced with a limit of 30 people:

  • Two households can mix indoors - with the rule of six applied in hospitality settings like pubs
  • Cinemas, hotels, performances and sporting events reopen - though social distancing remains
  • Up to 10,000 spectators can attend the very largest outdoor seated venues like football stadiums

The fourth step from 21 June will potentially see all legal limits on social contact removed, with the final closed sectors of the economy reopened - such as nightclubs.

The government hopes that - from this date - restrictions on weddings and funerals will also be abolished.

The four conditions that must be met at each phase of lockdown easing are:

  1. The coronavirus vaccine programme continues to go to plan
  2. Evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently reducing the number of people dying with the virus or needing hospital treatment
  3. Infection rates do not risk a surge in hospital admissions
  4. New variants of the virus do not fundamentally change the risk of lifting restrictions

Would really love to see some great day festivals announced this summer now it looks like things will be up and running. So many bands will be desperate to play, loads of people want to go out and do stuff, etc etc.


Lol, no chance :wink:

Read that as “posh June” and thought @jordan_229 was suggesting Glastonbury 2021 was making a shock U-turn

Thought the first event I would go to would be manics in York (outdoors), looks like it will be

This is all rather encouraging and i sincerely hope to be very wrong repeatedly, upthread.

Wembley obviously 2.5x less contagious than other football stadiums.

Bet this lot are regretting their timing finishing the day
before step 4 starts. I’ve got tickets for it, wonder if it’s got a capacity of less than 4k?

The heat from the lasagna kills the virus, or something.


Was moved to May 2021, now end of July

BBC News - ‘Let’s go!’ Reading and Leeds tweet raises music festival fans’ hopes


Just got emails from Arctangent and 2000 Trees saying

After the freaking awesome news on Monday, that festivals & events will be able to return from the 21st June, we’re here to tell you that we are now FULL. STEAM. AHEAD

Finding the whole 21st June thing a bit of a headfuck, especially since here in Wales the government have basically been ‘lol no fucking chance’ about it all.


Think this whole endeavour is a life line for promoters and acts and everyone is eager to go ahead in the hopes they can actually make a return this year

I think it’s a bit :thinking: that they think they’re going to be able to bring acts over from outside the UK in 5 months time. I tweeted them about what would happen if they couldn’t make it and they said they’d say nearer the time.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Not had that one yet (and usually Arctangent are not shy about sending emails). Think they’re one of the more likely festivals to go ahead, although I could see them switching the lineup around a bit depending on how other countries get on with the vaccine.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew are playing. It is in the national interest.

It could be a great festival if Melvin Benn has by now heard that some great music is made by - gasp! - women.

But Post Malone headliningzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wide Awake festival moved to the 3rd of Sept

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