Thread for events cancelled/postponed due to the Coronavirus

Bikini Kill put back a year

The bikinis live…for now

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Green Day postponed to next year. Getting a refund because it seemed like a good idea for a sunny nostalgic day out when I booked the tickets in May 2019 but feels slightly perverse now.


The Playground festival in Glasgow has been moved from end of July to end of September

Disappointingly, not all of our original line-up are able to make the new dates. The vast majority CAN and WILL, but in a few cases, we have secured replacements. However, rest assured, we feel our new line-up is EVEN BETTER than its predecessor

We’ll see about this

like how they are insulting the bands that can’t play


Nothing says ‘it’s Friday again’ like another festival cancellation

“…hoping that they would be willing to stand behind their roadmap and back Coivid-19 cancellation insurance policies.”

That’s what it all comes down to isn’t it. The government won’t introduce an insurance scheme because they know that all restrictions aren’t going to be lifted overnight on June 21.


It’s more annoying than that in the sense that they’re still trying to work it out, by doing these test events that are happening currently. But the reality with a festival that has subcontractors, supply chains, advances to pay, etc etc is that they simply can’t wait around for them to make their mind up about what’s going to happen.

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Could potentially be absolutely fucking baltic!

Yeah, their email says that last weekend of September is “traditionally the last party of summer”, as if summer is a thing that gets switched off after that, rather than a thing that’s gradually been in decline for quite a while before then.

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@sprinkles Beat-Herder (most amusingly awkward hyphen since Spider-Man) is my nearest festival - been three times and my bus passed the site this morning.

Very sad it’s been mothballed but not at all surprised as it wasn’t so long ago it was just three mates and a dog having a laugh in the woods and they’d never risk letting it evolve so much only for it to risk complete collapse through one postponement.

Faith No More delayed for another year! Everyone concerned will be too old by the time it comes round…

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Still waiting for Rocket From The Crypt to reschedule. Gig was due to happen…next week.

Haim at the O2 rescheduled to 30th September

Brighton Pride cancelled. Early August did always seem optimistic.

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Same. I messaged DHP who are putting it on and they said to speak to the ticket agent. So I messaged ticketweb and they said the “event organisers have not yet announced any further changes to the show and that the show is still listed as taking place on the 13 May.” So… dunno?

Are you sure?.

See you at the gig then I guess :man_shrugging:

Naa, it can’t be going ahead.

Wtf they playing St. Isn’t that just flat out illegal?