Thread for events cancelled/postponed due to the Coronavirus

Yes, 100% on Tool - forgot about them. The only UK date they did for Fear Innoculum was Download, so I was firmly expecting them to come to Europe back on a non-festival tour, and now that never happened.

On the more optimistic side, I’m pretty sure there were a few US festival dates a few years ago where both Puscifer and Tool played, so he’s not in theory against doing both at once, but not sure how likely that is.

Me visiting the UK.
Was supposed to see Kraftwerk last July.

No refund received on this yet, more than the 21 working days they said it could take. Can see this dragging on.

Kendal Calling

Do you really wanna refund
Do you really want to say goodbye

Just checked my account, the refund is in! They haven’t refunded booking/handling fees, so that’s £13.30 down the drain, but this is better than I’d been expecting a week ago.

Just got an e-mail to say that the Studio Ghibli concerts have been push back by a year to August 2022.

Thoughts on this?

John bramwell turns up to venue. Doesn’t like the screens so goes home.

There’s some discussion that those perspex screens are actually more dangerous as it goes against the ventilation suggestions. He’s also right, my understanding is that it isn’t a law.

The main problem is that he comes off as a disciple of Brown rather than having a good argument not to be behind it.

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yeh im in 2 minds…of course it’s not a legal requirement (as he says the venue told him) …can local councils make rules for venues?

Fair enough if they are more dangerous then i get that but if he just doesnt like it it does come across as a dick move, it might have been the first concert people had booked in 18 months, these people might have had to wear full ppe every single day and he wont play guitar behind a screen

fair enough though, there are 2 sides.

Womad cancelled

No Womad No Cry


Y-Not gone

Was supposed to be in September. Can’t go now because I’ve already bought my Manchester Punk Fest ticket for that weekend. Oh well.

The Mogwai Banquet Records gig is now Monday 15th November. The day I get back from Le Guess Who (if it goes ahead).

Houghton postponed to 2022:
edit sorry not a reply to you!

This now shifted to 11th September 2022 - 2 1/2 Years almost! :astonished:

Never forget

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