Thread for expressing your reaction to albums that you have checked out because of other end of year best of lists

So there have been quite a few LPs that I have checked out because of their placement in some AOTY lists; I thought it would be fun to discuss music that we’ve got into because of these lists.

Pusha T - Daytona

I initially refused to listen to this because of THAT COVER but seeing it high up in several lists I decided to give it a go. Goodness me. It’s utterly brilliant. If I had my time again I would guess it could have broken into my top five. Hip Hop with amazing production and no filler at all.

Haley Heynericdx - I need to Start a Garden

I avoided this I think because I had difficulty remembering/spelling the name and couldn’t be CBAd to find it on spotify? Can’t remember but, again, saw it on several lists and am now massively in love with it. Oom Shalala indeed.

Soccer Mommy - Clean

Thought this was pretty tedious when i first listened to it and gave it another go after seeing it high up in some lists. Still think it’s tedious. I love Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker etc etc but none of these songs stuck with me at all.

How bout you?

Really enjoying the Bodega album and have booked tickets to see them at the Portland Arms. I also tried the Soccer Mommy album, but, as of writing, it’s still not grating my cheddar. Very much enjoying The Beth’s though and the Snail Mail album is next on the to do or not to do list. Oh my, so much music, so little time.

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Christine and the Queens - excellent
Kacey Musgraves - boring


Are you normally a fan of Low?

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There’s one great track on the Kacey Musgraves, ‘Space Cowboy’, but the rest is pretty meh.

Well Double Negative sounds very different to the vast majority of their back catalogue because of the production but maybe it wouldn’t be your cup of tea either way!

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Hen Ogledd - Mogic - growing on me, feel like it needs more songs like Tiny Witch Hunter because that is excellent fun
Pan Amsterdam - The Pocket Watch - recommended by Open Mike Eagle on his end of year review thing on Stereogum. Enjoyable nerdy hip hop
BC Camplight - Deportation Blues - this is pretty brilliant. Needs more time to grow as it’s all over the shop but it just about hangs together, kind of a thrilling ride through various indie rock styles and with interesting songwriting