Thread for getting other users to help you remember things that you can't quite recall the name of

Snappy title that.

I remember seeing a film and have no memory of what it was called. The only thing I can remember is that it was a drama around the 60s I think in the English language, where one of the plot points is that drugs were being found in college and the supplier was an adult posing as a student, and I think working with a professor there.

Any ideas? @roastthemonaspit tagging you as I vaguely recall we may have discussed it briefly on here

When you say around the 60s, do you mean it was set in the 60s or it was a film released in the decade of the 1960s?

I don’t know for sure if it was the 60s but it was released around then. I think it was colour so I think 60s/70s but it may be older tbh. Almost certainly it wasn’t from after the 80s

Oh god that does ring a faint bell but my memory is awful and its not coming to me. Argh.

that’s Casablanca


I dont even recall it being great, just hate not remembering things!

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie

Cool Runnings?

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Can you remember if it’s UK-based or American? (assuming it’s one of these two if it’s in English)

No idea I’m afraid but I think its american - i seem to recall it being in a college

If it helps, I was reminded of it when I came across Accident by Joseph Losey

does channing tatum go undercover as a student to catch the dealer? i’ve seen that one