Thread for good YouTube video essay things


I know this is difficult to believe but there’s some enjoyable #content on YouTube beyond that video of a claymation guy saying it’s ok to look at his butt.

stuff that people do specifically for YouTube.

like this history of K-pop from a worker’s rights perspective

or this 100 minute long review of the Hobbit films (including proper actual journalism about how the government of new zealand crushed a strike)

please post good things here.

I’ve had a good talk with bugduv, sean and theo and they say anyone who posts a jokey home video clip is to be sealed in a box.


I’ve got a few faves here.

KaptainKristian ( does video essays on his pop culture faves. They’re usually under 10 minutes but have excellent production and his voice is :heart_eyes:.

This one is a good starting point:

Patrick H Williams does a similar “tribute to things I love” video essay but in a different style. I liked his recent one on when swearing occurs in PG-13 films.

Polyphonic ( does excellent short essays on music/musicians. I’m useless when it comes to all things music theory but his essay on John Bonham was an excellent watch IMO.

Every Frame A Painting ( opened my eyes to the world of film editing. Sadly he’s no longer posting updates but literally every short video essay he made is superb. This is a fun intro:

Lessons From The Screenplay ( does a similar thing but isn’t quite as insightful IMO.


that roger rabbit video is ace, hadn’t seen that before.

love efap too, the Jackie Chan one is :heart:.

I think the polyphonic guy is good but he picks some real boring/rubs music Imo.


You’re right about Polyphonic. That John Bonham video got me into his stuff but some of his other videos aren’t quite as good.


Just finishing up the Hobbit video. Brilliant stuff. I love a totally evisceration like that.


it’s great eh? like how she shows that not only are they bad films, they’ve made the world significantly worse in other ways too.

this thread is going very well huh.


Love “Movies With Mikey” over at Film Joy -

Best episode might be the “Interstellar” one -

Movie Bob does some great ones. Super wordy, but totally eviscerates Batman VS Superman here - and it’s pretty glorious


The Nerdwriter1 guy is very good.