Thread for guessing how many toilets Sketches has

I’m going with seven.

Give the others a chance first, ffs.


Alright, @Sketches, you can have a go now.

Specifically a downstairs loo, a master bathroom and an en suite.

I don’t think you understand what a bathroom is, in case you want to revise your answer.

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Oh shit it’s all about to kick off.


What kind of bathroom doesn’t have a shitter? Or at the very least, a solo shitter next door, which may be physically separate, but is spiritually part of the overall bathroom suite.

Q: have I ever been in a room that has a bath but doesn’t have a shitter?

A: don’t think so

Then how do you know what you look like when you’re toweling your ringpiece?


Ours doesn’t. It’s an oldish house where the toilet is in a separate room.

That said, we are going to remedy this as soon as we’ve got some spare cash (i.e. never probably).

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What? Ours is separated and it’s a new build.

I guess he might have had to invest in a spare after blocking one up with body parts he couldn’t face eating?

Maybe he’s got one of those saniflow macerating ones specifically for the bodies, given it must mush everything up.

I’ve never been in your house

it’s four

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It always comes back to mashing up shit with you doesn’t it? You’re obsessed.


Then who talks free to you?

Hmm, they struggle with anything firmer than a large poo.