Thread for guessing what film 83746725 saw last night


I’ll go with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


Spiderman :homecoming


The new transformers movie


boss baby


Thank you for this thread, I really wanted to know what he saw… there’s so many bad things on at the cinema at the moment :tired_face:


Jurassic park 7




my 10 yr old is desperate to see this.

Unlikely to happen, until we can get it ‘on the internet’


Haha aw, I’m just grumpy about the new Spider-man films because they make me feel old. I was 17 when the Sam Raimi ones came out :sob: as a result I can’t like Andrew Garfield and this new guy… pffft. Who even is he? NO ONE


TBF it’s actually meant to be pretty good


fair enough, thing is once you’ve seen one film with a guy in a suit flinging himself around you’ve seen them all really.


We can reason this out. Yer man’s nearest cinema is, I think, The Light. But the Picturehouse is much more DiS, so I’m going with that one. It’s not got much on, so it’s down to Rastamouse or Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Rastamouse is awesome, obviously, so it must have been John Q Spiderman.


BUT HES TEN! Get the bugger some popcorn and watch the spider man do what a spider man can


On the other hand, if he went to The Light it could have been Despicable Me 3, which is much more embarrassing.




Does whatever a… Rastamouse can.


There’s an outside chance it’s the new Transformers, too, which I’m sure is also shit.


The critical reception has been outstandingly awful, even for a Transformer movie


No correct answers yet although detective epimer was on the right track.


was it All Eyez on Me?