Thread for guessing what film 83746725 saw last night

It can’t be Alone in Berlin because that’s got Proper Actors in it, so… Baby Driver?


It was not.

Then ahm oot.

looks at Metacritic for bad movies

The House

Clue: the two leads are excellent actors.

Oh wait

It was The Mummy wasn’t it?

It was not


We have a winner.

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Kin ell :joy:

Bah, I was going to say baywatch

genuinely looks atrocious, sorry you had to experience that

Why did you go? It’s been universally panned!

Wanted to get out of the house, it was either that or Baby Driver and I picked that. Didn’t read any reviews or watch any trailers prior to going, and that was ultimately my undoing. Very, very, very bad.

Id probably have done the same tbh

I have a morbid curiosity to go see The Mummy :grimacing:

Dont do it, maaaaaan

Don’t give that berk Cruise any more money m9.