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So I’m planning on going to comic con in that there london in may. My wife and a pal were even considering going as Sagat/Chun-li and Cammy (but rob how will you fit into a green leotard etc etc).

But a) there are always more street fighter characters or b) we could change the theme. so what i’m asking is:

Hi DiS. Wanna do DiS Goes to Comic Con?






nah just kidding! It sounds like fun to be honest. I truly truly envy people who can enjoy things unashamedly. Think I’m a bit ashamed of every single thing I like.


I’d go to comicon and i’m not a dweeb. Looks a laugh




yes. Summer Glau will be signing stuff this year. That’s quite cool.

But also yeah it’s a lot of fun


you should go as that Jason Statham fella. Is he a superhero?


Is this the one in May? I went to one earlier this year, it was well good, didn’t bother dressing up tho’ might look into it next time.


yeah the one in may. pppppplllllleeeeeease come


he doesn’t qualify as a superhero or nerdy enough, although he SHOULD


ooo you could go as Agent 47 from Hitman, just get a transfer of a barcode on the back of your neck, job done!


:smiley: bald dress up for geeks is pretty easy.

Considering painting one arm as a brickwall and going as absorbing man but that’s intense. Sagat is literally just kickboxing shorts, wraps on my hands, a fake scar and an eye patch


don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anything but the 15 minutes of Crank 2 I watched. Was pretty hilarious to be honest. Think he was gurning about on coke whilst some drum n’ bass played or something


OOOOOOOOOhhhh tempted.




maybe switch it up and go as Kano and Sonya Blade? you could get a rad laser eyepiece thing


Was saying to a colleague yesterday that Comicon looks quite fun and that, but I don’t have the slightest desire to dress up as anything.

Also, what do you actually do there? Maybe it isn’t fun?


you fight over who is the best nerd I think?


I’ve been going every year with my daughter for ages cos YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) is on on the top floor as well which is bloody great.
We were thinking of doing a Big Daddy/Little Sister cosplay combo but the actual practicalities of sorting out the costumes, plus me not actually wanting to spend all day in a diving suit meant we scrubbed the idea.