Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


Should I book a day off work so I can stay up late watching the Netrunner world championships?

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Terrible things people post on social media

it’s just as silly as booking a day off work to watch the superbowl agreed


Should I quit trying to make music?

I haven’t been able to get a single blog or website review my album



I did briefly think about hosting a viewing party for it, but then I realised that would mean there were other people in my house and I changed my mind.



The GF is away all next week, should I take a day’s holiday to just sit around the house on my own all day?

  • Absolutely yes
  • You’ll just spend most of the morning in bed, then be annoyed at yourself for doing that, then get bored, then end up drunk and alone with youporn.

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I mean they’re both excellent options.


I wanted to select both.


Reckon @sean owes you a jag by now at least.


I mean if you’re doing it for that then I suppose? But otherwise definitely not.


For dinner tonight I’ve got some new potatoes and broccoli: what should have with them?

  • Pork chops
  • Sausages
  • Smoked mackerel
  • Chicken pieces

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should I do an ‘Irish exit’ at my current job? (given them 3 months notice, but truly cant be fucked). could change my flight to next week and catch the end of summer in Spain.

  • Do it
  • Don’t do it, be professional and stick to your word

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Might want to wait til the Berocca has worked its way through his system though


hehe, drownedinsound talking about a book that I’m currently working on digitizing further down the page.


What the hell is an ‘Irish exit’ and is it honestly a good phrase to be using?


It’s a sex thing


Hmm, I mean I’ll be honest that I don’t really think this is a term that should be used in the year 2017

But in any case the answer to @profk’s question is “No, be true to your word” etc.


I’m confused as to why it shouldn’t be used specifically in 2017. did people just stop leaving things unexpectedly?


its always pork chops.


What colour scheme should we go with in the bedroom?

(picture of said room:)

  • grey and red
  • grey and yellow

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