Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


Lunch today:

  • Beans on toast
  • Sausage sandwich
  • Fish finger sandwich
  • That cheese on toast thing I do that offends everyone in the lunchtime threads.

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i’m making this into a thread


Shoe-wise, I tend to just wear one pair of boots all the time. My current ones are knackered, and re-heeling would probably cost more than I paid for the boots.

To replace them should I:

  • Buy another cheap pair (around £10-25), probably need replacing by the end of Spring.
  • Buy a more expensive pair (up to £60) that might last me a bit longer, hopefully a couple of years at least.

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I’ve been on a few dates recently with a quirky (and smart and attractive) lady. She’s a little bit ‘hot & cold’ though and I’m not sure if She really wants a relationship. Basically not sure if I can BA with it tbqh. I will be up north today and could call in to see her on my way home. Should I:

  • Call in and call it all off
  • Call in and talk, maybe go out for some dinner
  • Just come home and watch The Apprentice
  • Come home and text her like the younger generation do

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Other? Please specify


Cheap shoes are a false economy. Spent (what at the time was) a weeks wages, and don’t regret a penny of it.


Never go to work christmas do’s but the girl i like kinda bullied me into going but is now ignoring my messages after not meeting up twice last week (from things she arranged). Do I:

  • Go you needy idiot
  • Don’t go and prove a point
  • Something about a bedwetting virgin

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Go because you want to go don’t go for her. So I guess… don’t go? Meet up with some other friends and make sure you have a nice night out :slight_smile:


DId you drop out of the two dates last week, or did she? If it’s the same girl you mentioned the other week then she sounds like she’s leading a right Merry dance and if you’re cool with being casual and unsure forever go for it but doesn’t sound like someone it’ll work out with imo

Is that harsh? I don’t mean to be harsh


Alright guys, this is a biggy:

  • Dachshund
  • Border terrier

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Daschunds are arrogant and well sassy but I like that about them, but border terriers often run away/try to escape the garden, can be very aggressive with other dogs, and can just be more annoying overall. Though not always, there’s a lot of very sweet ones but going off our family dog and other border terriers in the extended family they can be douchebags. Cute though, and loads cheaper.


Gah we’ve narrowed it down to these 2 dogs that we’d like but keep flip-flopping. Border terrier’s feel more like a proper doggo but we would need to proof our garden going on what you say about them being dickheads.

Chances are we’ll just head down to a dogs trust rehoming place and fall in love with a Labrador :slightly_smiling_face:


Irish wolfhound


Just googled them :crazy_face: I don’t think they’d fit in the gaff!


I reckon more of them are good than are dockheads but this is just my experience. Our vet said all our dogs issues would be solved when we had him neutered but if anything he got worse. He could get out of any lead/harness as well, fucking Houdini. He was bred with another dog though so not pure, but the other douchebag in the family is pure and he’s just as bad. They are definitely more proper dog though. If you get a daschund you need to get a wire haired one for maximum real dogness


it would need its own bedroom :smiley:


Cockapoos and labradoodles are good to train in my experience (I used to be a dog walker/dog sitter)


Me and the missus could move into the garden shed, ol’ wolfy can have the run of the house.


Cheers Scout! Think we’ll probably just get a cat innit ha. My favourite dog in the world is my mate’s labradoodle Albie, an absolute treasure.

I’ll take this into consideration with the border terrier, think my wife wants to take a bit of time off work to train the doggo so hopefully they won’t be too mischievous. Really want a black and brown dacshund, they are some cute business.


From my experience:

Dachshunds - VERY NEEDY. Aloof. Not very usefully built. Sometimes cute.
Border terrier - Actual dog. More feisty than a dachshund. Good breed, probably more of a companion than the former.

Edit: Get a rescue dog


Thanks man, think we actually want a dog dog so border terrier seems the way to go.

Aye, the above poll will likely be conjecture, we’ll head down to a rescue home and see if a dog picks us.