Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


Yeah. Obviously you have to be careful with rescues but it’s really just a case of not rushing into it and asking a lot of questions to make sure it’s the dog for you. TBH any good rescue centre will ask you plenty of questions as well to make sure it’s a good match. Enjoy!


Lovely stuff! Yeah we’re trying to not take it lightly. I’m assuming Honey was a rescue then?




do you want the one from my garden?


this is defo a good idea. even if its just to get the dog used to the house while youre still there. 100% recommend puppy classes as well, great for socialising the dog and teaching you how to train them (rather than them training the dog for you). also just get a mongrel, who cares


I want both a cat and a dog to be honest but my wife is very anti-cat. Would likely get one just to troll her tbh.


I still have faith that you will form a great bond and your life will be Disneyfied.


your wife sounds like a good person and you should listen to her more often


Funnily enough this is what she says all the time!


:pensive: You’re right, so annoying though

@Witches that would normally be the plan, but I’ve got a driving lesson at 8am the next day so can’t even meet them for a few drinks :rage:


Mini schnauzer


Sounds delicious but I don’t eat breakfast.


Get drunk and drive a car through the front of her house with the stereo blasting ‘don’t you forget about me’. Then just piss yourself crying and run out


Giant Schnauzer!



This is second choice option now that I realise @Lo-Pan has chosen the go option. It’s on the ‘maybe’ list, though!


That’s a goat


Be safe and do both?


Going on holiday to Morocco next week. Staying in a very touristy but upper end resort with a pool, restaurant etc. Looks lovely. Never been on a holiday where you sit round the pool and do fuck all all the time and we are primarily going for the warmth and some rest and ease of being on holiday with a toddler but also I’m worried that we’ll get bored if we do that and afterall none of us have ever been to Morocco or anywhere in Africa and if we don’t do much “cultural” stuff we might regret it.

  • Just fill a suitcase with paperbacks and your speedos mate
  • Backpacker the shit out of that shit

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I’ve done both kids of holidays with scout jnr and it might be different with two parents there but I’d say just relax, maybe do one day of tourist stuff


I guess if the night doesnt go well I can choose the whole joyriding into their house option