Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


That way everyone loses


I’ve been told by more than one person that there’s fuck all to do in Morocco outside the capital, and even that gets boring after a few days.

Just hit the pool, man.


ffs :rofl:


Go to the market, eat Tagine, have a look at a couple of buldings.

Literally it


I have an interview for a CELTA course this afternoon but I haven’t really prepared anything and not even sure what I’m supposed to prepare as the e-mail was so vague (I have already done a written test and application form). Should I

  • Wing it - what’s the worst that could happen?
  • Explain that you’ve been so busy you need some more time to prepare and at the same time get some hints at what to expect.

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nb: i don’t know what this is


honestly this girl sounds like bad news. Step away from the girl. Or at least call her out on her bad behavior and say it needs to stop if she wants to spend time with you (but go to the party if you want to, but not because of her)

  • ho is CLETA?
  • i fucking love CELTA. I take mine with two sugars

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yeah think we’ll go on a few walks and look round the nearby fishing village, but that’s about it


Pretty much my sole purpose for carrying on


I like torturing myself. Its a real issue.


Go, and hook up with someone else right in front of her :v:


Dear Social Board,

should I take a nap?

  • :sleeping:
  • :-1:

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yeah this. ps i have no upcoming plans


Sounds like an offer @Songs_about_ducking cannot refuse!


It’s not even midday yet!


so no reason to be awake!


It will be in five minutes here. Will it be acceptable then?


Was literally going to @japes and ask if he wanted to hang out in Derby this Friday :heart_eyes:



I know that it is probably worth it going for better quality, I just have this weird hang up about spending that much money on myself. A large percentage of voters agree with going more expensive so that will justify it :+1: