Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


Thanks, @ttf, @laelfy, @Flashinglight, @andyvine and @japes. Off for a nap then






What time’s the :pizza: coming?


Actually trying to cut down a bit on the pizza consumption :scream:


you should have put that to a vote


Maybe after my nap!


Oooh, something I can actually help with because of direct experience!

Background 1: I lived in Morocco for a while. Background 2: we recently went on holiday to Vietnam with two young kids, and are not normally sitting-by-the-pool types.

Morocco is a fantastic country with a million things to see and do. Many of these things are not particularly easy to get to, and the most practical way to travel is in ancient and overloaded taxis. I’m not sure I’d want to do that with kids, but YMMV. So I’d say you’re best to stay relatively close to your resort. Is it in Marrakech? If so, you’re sorted. The old town can be pretty intense, but you can spend days exploring. The markets are great, and there’s lots of interesting stuff for a kid to look at. There are also some fab museums, which my kids would think were some kind of fairyland.

That said, on our recent holiday we spent most of the time at the pool because the kids had such a great time there. We limited ourselves to a few “cultural” days, with plenty of downtime in between (this is the key, I think). I think you have to cut your cloth and limit the more challenging activities. There will be plenty of time to re-balance that in future!


Should I buy a deep fat fryer?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks man. The resort is south of Essouria next to a little fishing village I don’t know the name of. Know round there at all?


Should I open another bottle of wine? (Had like 3 glasses, watching Daredevil for a bit still, nothing in particular I need to be up for in the morning)

  • y :wine_glass:
  • n :baby_bottle:

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The public has spoken


It’s unanimous, so you can be certain that it is a correct and good decision.


How drunk should I get on Monday

  • Have one beer
  • Have a few beers
  • Get drunk but beer only
  • Get sloshed on beer and then drink whiskey and shots

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Told my niece the truth about 9/11. Now she wants to know why George Bush isn’t in prison. IDK wot to tell her.


Went round, went out for a bite to eat, talked. I think it’s over now.

  • do some work today
  • don’t bother

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Should I watch season 5 of breaking bad, got to the end of season 4 and that seems to have pretty much wrapped things up, did they just string it out for a needless season?

  • Watch it and find out
  • Don’t watch it and don’t find out

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if you’ve come that far you might as well finish it. but it’s shite.


Just read the Wikipedia page for the final season.