Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


Essaouria is amazing, decent breeze off the atlantic too.


he dies and the whole last season is purgatory


hit Reply too soon. If you’re at all interested in Hendrix, there’s a lot of stuff in that area connected to him. You can visit ruins of the Borj El-Berod watchtower, which is allegedly (dubiously) the inspiration for ‘castles made of sand’.


No problem! Essaouira is a really nice town (although I think it’s expanded a bit since I was there), quite relaxed. They still play on the 60s/70s hippy association (Jimi Hendrix’s “castle made of sand” is still visible, although by all accounts it’ll melt into the sea eventually) so it’s a bit like a North African Totnes. They make lovely things out of sandalwood which are worth the money (although watch out for cheaper wood imbued with sandalwood scent). There’s also a great beach.

You’re not too far from the mountains, so day trip out there could be an option. I wouldn’t bother going south along the coast much - Agadir is very much a new resort town so not much point in going there if you already have that sort of stuff on hand.

Longer trips from thereabouts would be Marrakech or Ouarzazate (edge of the desert, feels like another world. There’s also a big movie studio where they filmed the likes of Gladiator) or the Todhra Gorge. They’re all probably overnighters though (except maybe Marrakech), so probs not suitable with kids.

Enjoy your trip - just been looking at photos and I’m well jealous!


TV’s just sent me this, I think we have a winner:


i miss @penoid


Me too. Her instagram stories are a work of art.


Lovely jubbly thanks @UnicornPorn and @SplendidMcAwesome!



Update: I passed the interview, knew I could always listen to you guys.


I handed in my notice on Tuesday, and they have asked if I’d consider a move to a more central department where I can be guarded a bit more. As stressful and intense as the job is, they have been SO supportive, more than any other place I’ve worked. But I feel like simply moving to a different desk/team won’t stop me having meltdowns etc. Esp as one of the people I work with closely is an absolute perfectionist and is always picking holes in what I’m doing and stressing me out. So, with that in mind, should I…

  • Go in tomorrow and be like ‘fuck all y’all I’m gonna leave and be broke in 2018’
  • Agree to move to the other department and try it out for another couple of months

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have you told them that the perfectionist coworker is a big part of it? could they not have a word/split you up? worth doing if it’s between that and leaving altogether.


Given that they’re being really supportive, it might be worth really clearly laying out what you need, and seeing if there’s something that will work for you and for them. Can’t hurt. Agree with @tricklenipple as well.

  • Finish the essay and have one pint tonight
  • Stay in the library and hammer the essay to death, you’re also too sick to be drinking

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As promised yesterday @laelfy , Aggpass is going out for dinner and will eat whatever the board decides (maybe a review to follow, please don’t pick me the bad options)


  • Venison carpaccio, horseradish cream, red cabbage, croutons
  • Smoked trout tartare, quail’s egg, salad cream, beetroot remoulade
  • Crispy duck egg, celeriac, chive oil
  • Artichoke soup, roasted, pickled crisps, raisin purée, pedro ximènez
  • Tempura Gurnard, nori crème fraiche, chilli and tomato jam, lime, coriander

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  • Fillet of beef, ox tail ragu, roasted shallot, parsley cream, cavolo nero
  • Roasted halibut, Cornish crab and bisque, purple broccoli, red dulse
  • Cornish Plaice, curried mussels, seaweed, carrot bhaji
  • Pork tenderloin, black pudding, apple, wasabi, choucroute
  • Potato gnocchi, beetroot, crispy goats cheese, honey, pine nuts

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  • Treacle tart, clotted cream
  • Blood orange and ginger parfait, blood orange curd, ginger granola
  • Chocolate ganache, butternut squash custard, white chocolate mousse, passion fruit
  • Cheeseboard

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Poll closes when I leave the flat (6:30ish)


May as well close it now. The selections won’t improve from where I’ve left them.


No one ever takes the advice of a poll though, do they? Photographic evidence of you eating the winners please.


not one edible option there


‘why have you got your phone out?’
‘oh, just taking a photo to prove to people on the internet that I ate what they told me to’
‘cool, happy anniversary’


correct, there are 14!