Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


where are the chips


firmly attached to ttf’s shoulder


lol gnyucky more like you fools. #beefit


I almost let a DiS poll choose my dessert last night at the meat, but the waitress came back much sooner than I expected so I didn’t have time in the end and actually had to think for myself (and made the wrong decision).


‘Because this is such an important event to me I want to be able to cherish every moment forever’


Unfortunately my girlfriend has met me before, so don’t reckon she’d fall for that


You need to weight the poll to take account of the fact that I’m guessing a lot of voters, like me, are going to pick the veggie / pesci option


Crush the pesci saboteurs


My favourite term of abuse for us is “fish and chipocrites”



Oofft @xylo and I had all the same things until the dessert. For a sec there i thought he had impeccable taste.


Will probs end up getting an actual dessert AND a cheese board cause I dwiw


i must have some kind of cataract because in my fuzzy vision it looks as though you’re questioning a cheeseboard. Goodness I’m glad it must be me misreading that.


The french way.


Cheese is not dessert


right. as aggy says, the real answer of course is cheeseboard as a pre dessert, then dessert. but if you have to pick ONE…


You’d pick savoury, savoury, savoury over savoury, savory, sweet? Somethings not right m9.


Then you pick the dessert and then leave restaurant go to supermarket and buy ALL the cheese for evening snackage :smiley:


i’d pick being set on fire to a ginger and orange medley dish.

“ooh what goes well. ginger and orange. people merge those all the time right?”

"uh… no not really ever to be h-

“ginger and orange it is!”


What are you even talking about? Ginger and orange sounds amazing.