Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


Eh? because it seems to be based at least partly on assumptions about Irish people being drunk or general cultural things that are a bit off. Just like Chinese Whispers is a bit, I don’t know, weird to say, or indeed the slang term for the hole on the end of your penis?

Hey ho, I’m not having a go at you, just seems like one of those phrases that sounds bit weird in the cold light of the 21st Century to me.


The issue I have with this is the use of Grey. Is @plasticmike a big fan of John Major or something?


Red, white and green, Penge style.


Serious answer - there’s always wriggle room on three months notice. Make it clear that you’re not happy staying that long - there’s no point for an employer to have a wholly demotivated individual hanging around the place…


walls are grey (actually looks well nice)

bed is oak, walls are oak laminate. problem is, we have a massive red wardrobe and some red lamps, but i can’t find red curtains that I like, they’re all total shit, so I think we need to yellow it the fuck up and change the wardrobe door


Oh right, sorry I thought you were talking about painting it. You’re talking about stuff in it?


Should I stay up for THE BIG FIGHT on Saturday night

  • No
  • Yes
  • MOTD then a quick nap and wake up for the fists

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And while we’re on it where should I put the £5 in my betting account

  • Canelo on points
  • Canelo by KO
  • GGG on points
  • GGG by KO
  • up my bum

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Already told them I’m happy staying 3 months. realized that was a terrible mistake a couple of hours after the meeting.

will rake in 17 days holiday pay I’m not taking though.


@NoahVale no way GGG takes a Vegas decision shirley?


This explanation seems a little less problematic (as it’s based less on the stereotype of Irish people always being pissed):

“Early versions of the term Irish Exit come from Irish Americans leaving social functions like Church, football games, and plays. When the functions let out people would congregate outside and chat with each person they knew and say goodbye before heading home. This usually added 30 minutes to an hour to the evening. When there was little or no time to do the customary goodbye, the family would leave through the side door. The side door move became known as the Irish Exit. The term has come to mean leaving a place without saying goodbye to those you are with or those you came with.”

I get what you mean, though.


Can you and the missus not arrange to get into it earlier on? :wink:


haha imagine staying up half the night to watch some kind of pointless competitive event. What a fucking loser.


Swings and misses


Next time I put something in my mouth I’ll make sure it’s a gun.


aye! it’s all decorated now.

(curtains / lampshade / bedside lights / rug / other assorted shite)

we have a load of IKEA Malm oak furniture which is going to look crap with the oak floor so we will slowly replace that




this will be the bike room colours!!!


of course there’s a bike room


Grey and pinky/orange, like the bedroom in here:


well I’m not doing it for that but it would certainly help move things forward to get at least one or two reviews - not sure why it’s so hard (I mean obviously there’s a bazillion people making music)

So many gatekeepers, so few gates