Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


Nah I meant from those who voted go home, but I’m happy to listen to anyone who fancies weighing in!


went with the 6/10 burrito. sorry everyone.


I expected nothing less from you.


Has anyone actually made a decision based on this thread?

  • No
  • Of course not

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Idk, only skim read it but seems like it’s going to be a struggle to afford to stay :man_shrugging:


I’ve had to decide what the silliest answer was in about 47 polls.


I took some guidance about a shoe purchase one time :woman_shrugging:


Pretty sure I had dinner based on it at one point.


this is my main concern yes, and it is a real one, I guess at least I have stuff going on here though?


do you need to make the decision now? like, home’s always going to be there (I assume), so can you not give your new circumstances in berlin a go first to see if you can make them work?


bought a cushion. turns out I didn’t need it but now it is there.


well I need to find somewhere to live and see if it’s realistic on my budget, but yes, you’re right, home isn’t going anywhere


on the flipside, are you likely to get the opportunity to live out there again? think that would be the biggest deciding factor for me if I was in your situation, even if it was going to be a struggle for a while. hope it works out for you whatever you pick though man


quite possibly not, no.


Got a mueller yoghurt that’s two days out of date… It’s probably full of chemicals so safe to eat, no?

Slurp the 'ghurt?

  • Yes
  • No

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putting avocado in smoothies :avocado: :tropical_drink:

  • :yum:
  • :nauseated_face:

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whelp, thanks for the good times, former Facebook friend


I just typed out a big rant in this and then realised I don’t really need to do that on here.


Preaching to the choir. We all know they should be manufactured in good old Blighty, you don’t need to convince me.

Rule Brittania!


Should I write this essay on:

  • Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism
  • Gendered Implications of Brexit

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