Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


how do you make a poll? just tried and made a hash of it.

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  • You’re welcome

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How to build a poll:

  • Step 1 - click the little cog icon
  • Step 2 - click build a poll
  • Step 3 - fill out options
  • Step 4 - click Insert Poll

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it just needs to start on a new line. your poll started at the end of a line of text so the code wasn’t recognised.


Should I spend the evening watching the James Acaster Netflix specials, or playing Farcry 5? I can’t split my time between the two, that’s not how I operate.

  • Acaster
  • Farcry

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I clicked one of the options by accident. Is that my subconscious voting?


Live stand up isn’t very good not live imo so play games


thanks gang.



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made a cappuccino, thanks for your support.








need a haircut and there’s one of those free haircut/hairdresser school places right next door

  • yeah go for it, it’s only hair
  • there’s no such thing as a free haircut

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Should I hin to Berlin for a couple days next week?


  • get to my mate’s band support Trail of Dead (and thence their own headline show the night after)
  • other friends, possibly poke my head into either uni or at my therapist
  • pick up some more clothes


  • though not expensive, really need/ought to save money right now
  • I’ll have to return my ex’s laptop (lol)
  • It will probably be very emotionally draining
  • Go, have a nice time and reflect on what to do next
  • mm, sounds a bit dodgy m9

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think I’m gonna save my money/tears this time lads, but I will have to do this soon, thanks for replying!


drive for 40 mins to go to a freinds birthday drinks (have work at half 1 tomorrow which is an hour away from said drinks

  • yes
  • no

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I’m ordering a few dresses from the internet, thinking about wearing the nicest one that fits me to my friend’s wedding in 2 1/2 weeks. One of them is plain white. There’s that old thing about not wearing white to someone else’s wedding.

Will anyone actually care?

  • Maybe not, but I wouldn’t do it (you are a fashion queen and might outshine the bride)
  • Maybe, but I would do it (you are a fashion queen and the bride will be fine with it)
  • No adult actually cares about shit like this, wear what you want within reason

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Don’t do it, it’s not worth it