Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


I’d say no one should care but just on the off chance isn’t it worth having another option? I doubt you’re lacking for killer dresses anyway


Exactly, the bride shouldn’t care but if she does you’ve 1) upset her on her wedding day 2) risked your friendship.


Bride might not care, but you can bet a mum or a dad or sister or someone will. Best avoid the beeves


I dunno if this is a remarkably naive response, but is the bride adult enough that you could just… ask her?


wear a veil too


Yes, probably. I don’t feel like she would have an issue with it as she’s a very chill person generally, but given how much I seem to have misread the general consensus here - thought it would be mostly ‘do what you want’ - and knowing that she and her fiance are significantly more traditional than me (I mean… they’re getting married in the first place…), I will ask her if that dress looks significantly better than everything else I order.

However I’m hoping that the black and gold dress I ordered will fit and look nice, and (based on response here) I’ve ordered the cream and black version of a dress I already have as a back up.


With all due respect to them, I wouldn’t be using men of dis to work out the feelings of a traditional bride on her wedding day.


Haha fair, but I literally can’t comprehend anyone being annoyed by it so anyone else of a similar age’s opinion was appreciated


I fall into the “do what you want” camp nearly all the time

But this is one of those situations you have conciously thought - “this could cause trouble” and you are right, someone somewhere will take umbrage with it and it’ll stain the whole thing needlessly. For the sake of wearing a different coloured dress.

You can obviously do what the hell you want, if course. Just like the people who will get annoyed at you, have that right


Wearing white is a nailed on total dickhead move at a wedding.


A bride might not even care at the time but looking back through the photos… (unless of course they’re not actually wearing white themselves)


In general if you’re self aware enough to realise that someone could be offended by something you’re about to do, then I’d say it’s just best not to do it.

Only talking about smaller scale situations though, obviously don’t abandon all your deeply held principles just to make other people more comfy.


Although attending weddings is indeed the latter for a lot of people I spose


got a new phone so i need a new case

am i going to go boring?


or wacky?


Where’s the bike option?


If you don’t get the pizza one, I’ll lose all faith in you forever.


I’ve looked and they’re all shite.

watermelon and pizza seem to be available in abundance.


there’s bloody LOADS of pizza ones


Any of them are fine, unless there’s egg on the pizza.


thanks epps