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Booked. Hope the dogs are well-sedated :crossed_fingers:


Geodude or Diglett?

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Bearing in mind I can evolve Graveller into Golem


Not available in Red


FOR SHAME - I loved my Sandslash. But then again, I started with a bulbasaur so what do I know…



Going with Diglett simply because of Dig which is a good move, which will also be useful in Rock Tunnel (Geodude doesn’t actually learn any Ground moves until much later, it seems). A shame since I’ve already got my Graveller to a high level, wasted all that useful EXP from Trainers…


I can’t believe you’re trying to bring logic into choosing your pokemon.



Pizza tonight?

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Would love to but I’m trying to eat better at the moment :frowning:

FL is allowed Pizza on virtue of it being Friday, but noone else is.


I am glad I am allowed pizza, but I don’t see why others should be denied it :frowning:

I’m also making* pizza today, in a deluxe edition of SFPP, while we are talking pizza…

*using pre-made bases and topping them.


Because I’m jealous FL, because I’m jealous. Look forward to hearing more about SFPP in the evening thread.


*whispers* what does SFPP mean?


shit fuck poo poo


Standard Friday Pizza Protocol :pizza:


sandy flies prepare pods
sorry for purple pants

… this is too hard. I give up.

@Flashinglight :smiley: I always thought it meant something more serious! Haha!!