Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


Nothing is more serious than SFPP on a Friday.


reading this as

has now made me lose it in the office


for my spare/music room:

All encompassing furniture thread

Yoko OYes!


went for the pink one




Is this lamp a) hideous or ii) cool?

  • Hideous
  • Cool
  • Bit of both, tbh

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hideous. like a scandi go at deco


Brutal. I bet @Witches likes it.


sorry dude. and i LOVE deco. this is too much of a hybrid for me


You’ve just lost the opportunity to play on my £3000 custom dining/gaming table*, pal.

* not actually going to buy one of these



hey! i mean i asked the boards which kitchen dresser to get, bought the one everyone hated, and it looks awesome so <3


Haha, you are incorrect, I am not a huge fan of stuff like this but I’m sure it’ll look amazing in certain situations, just not for meeee.

I like my lamps old and as dangerous as possible. I’ve bought a bunch of lamps on ebay/etsy recently and they all have slightly questionable plugs :grimacing:




kind of felt like i held your arms and she kicked you square in the stomach


I bet replacing the bulb would be a nightmare. Imagine it with an energy saving lightbulb in there.


dream reading lamp:


how does the lamp read your dreams, please?


Looks like a desk lamp undergoing an awkward growth spurt. Dislike.