Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


it’s a Tesla.


this seems like a revenge irking


It doesn’t even have any copper on it, ffs.


copper? yikes.

presumably you’re furnishing a home in richmond in 1995?






@xylo I got myself one of these recently -

it’s a lot brighter than expected and radiates an ominous orange glow. I love an ominous glow.


yeah see this is cool af. i like feature lamps. and i’m not sure what era that recalls but i like it


Oh thanks! I’m glad you like it :blush:


is it maybe 70s? feels a little summer of love but classier. (i’m aware summer of love was not in 70s btw)




I believe it’s from the 60s! When the preview of your post appeared in the top right hand side of my screen I could only see the words "Summer of… " my brain immediately went to “Sam” :expressionless:

I’m banning @epimer from talking about lamps.


Wait… we can preview xylo’s posts!?


I am notified when xylo posts to me, ONLY xylo though because he is the most important.


Ooooh, I like that a lot.

We recently got one of these for the dining room. I really like it, find myself sitting under it when reading a lot of the time.


Look, I didn’t say I disliked it, it’s just that I’d be worried about it shooting me on sight.




should I rewatch:

  • Breaking bad (1st time)
  • Sopranos (3rd time)
  • The Wire (5th time)

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BB has enough going on that it’s definitely worth a rewatch, and you’ve probably most of the layers behind Sopranos and The Wire.

That said, what are the other major dramas that you’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t yet? Might choose one of them above BB tbh, like Friday Night Lights or Mad Men or something.


how do i watch this?