Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


3 months seems like a pretty long notice. at the very complain loudly about how much you hate everyone and constantly talk about how little work you’re doing


i’m doing that already pal :slight_smile:

stock response to ‘why isn’t this working’ or ‘why did that happen’ is now ‘shrug’.


in fairness, he did point me in the direction of the DiS album reviews editor but I haven’t heard a thing back from them

I did get a single review on here once though



What a rip-off, they didn’t chuck in a single “He.”


Girlfriend’s away for 2 weeks. I’ve booked 3 days off to watch shows she hates and listen to music she hates, really loudly


Relationships, eh.


I’d paint the bed white
then do yellow and grey themed


b but also a


easier to just change the sheets tbh


Someone I met in Bosnia 4 yrs ago died last week in a tragic accident in Italy while hiking. I only knew him for 2 days, but one of those days has some of my happiest memories and I’ve got a picture of me, him and the other 4 people involved on my wall. Not spoken to him since but read his social media posts and suchlike. I’ve been really shocked by the death as I’ve not had an acquaintance of a similar age die. Should I post a short condolences message on his wall?


Yes absolutely


aaaaah, so very very grey… I do like grey but I think that’s A LOT of grey, isn’t it? Needs more colour pops! (sorry for the use of “pop”)

I do wonder if we’ll look back at this time when everyone was going mad for grey like with the 70s (?) when everything was brown and be like :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Probably not tbh.


Should I buy a really nice and yet extremely tory car?

  • Fulfil your destiny
  • Give the money to charity and drive around in a rusty piece of shit because it’s more authentic, maaan

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It’s weird how that sort of thing looks incredibly dated but also cosy as fuck


Odds are good though :slight_smile:


I’m making this tonight:

  • You should definitely use the word ‘veloute’ as often as possible when making this
  • It’s a fucking sauce m9

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Haha!! I know. It’s possibly something to do with the fluffyfurry carpet.


Ugly but warm colours too. And maybe a hint if childhood nostalgia.


I think I prefer 70s tacky kitsch to modern day grey shit but in reality I’d probably not want to live in it


Do I keep saving cash for my trip at the end of the month or have a massive blow out this weekend (no middle ground)

  • Save it for some mountain in Azerbaijan
  • Go mental pal

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