Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


It used to be on Netflix but seems to now be on Amazon Prime, well worth it!


not seen Friday Night Lights - any cop? Have seen mad men twice though.


I have netflix

I don’t have amazon



steal it



how do I steal an amazon?


nono, the series itself


Ok cool - and if the alarm goes off in HMV do I just leg it?


they can no longer afford alarms in hmv


perfect - this may be the final nail for them then


Yeah I love it, Coach is one of the best characters from modern American tv and the whole show is just really affecting. Really sincere and heartfelt without being too cloying. Great score from EITS too :ok_hand:

Not too heavy on the American football aspects either, as long as you can buy into the dramatic aspects of sports in general. Gets a bit melodramatic at times but I prefer that tbh to how self-serious some of the big dramas can get.

In summary, GBOquarterbacks

EDIT: Also if the episode “The Son” doesn’t destroy you then I don’t know if you really have emotions anymore.


I have a female friend with whom my TV thinks I have had previous sexual relations (I have not). I would like to hang out with this friend because…well, we’re friends. I know that my TV doesn’t like my friend, or at least is suspicious of the platonic nature of our friendship, and that hanging out with my friend would upset/annoy her.

I don’t really know what to do in this situation. Should I:

  • Tell my TV that I want to hang out with my friend sometimes and that we’re just friends
  • Basically accept that the friendship has to end because it upsets/annoys my TV

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Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb

(I don’t mean this and it isn’t quite the right phrase. goodbye)


can you not all go out together on the odd occasion?


Oh good lord no.


dont want her catching you at it!!


Talk over why your TV has this insecurity and see if there’s anything you can do to help her become comfortable with the scenario.


Have done before. I think she believes me that nothing non-platonic has ever happened or will ever happen, but she would still definitely be unimpressed with hanging out with her one on one.


Hang out with your friend in secret


I know there will be forum uproar…i know…I KNOW!


You’re going to have to tell your girlfriend that she is now a lesbian.