Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


I think Option A might work in some relationships, but the fact you are asking on here suggests option B might be the safer option if you want to stay in your relationship


Option A is the “right” option, of course, but I know that it would cause an argument and upset.


can you post the pros and cons of

  1. your girlfriend
  2. your friend (who is a girl)

and then we decide which one you should go with?

is that possible?


why does tv think youve boned anyway? did you know pal before you and tv got together?


Yes. Ex work colleague.




no comment


I was in a relationship with someone who was like this, it didn’t last. I think if one party is attempting to dictate to the other who you can or can’t spend time with, it’s not a good sign in the long-term*

*Obviously if you have banged (you can tell us) then she has a case


Extremely unhelpful advice. Have a word with yourself, ffs.


new low.


I know, right! Fuck sake, @numbers.


who even calls it “hanging out the back”???


Sizzling sexual chemistry.


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jk, m8


I love those little bastards! I want one


Buy it!


My tv really isn’t a fan of my relationship with my ex, she just about tolerates it. Well she makes a deal out of how much she’s cool with it but I know she hates it.

But that’s tough cos we went through a lot before we became pals again.


Can’t believe this had zero likes Eps! Big fan.