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I’m the Vincent van Gogh of hanging out the back of people jokes. Years from now, joke historians will look back on that post and give it another two, maybe even three more likes.


Is your partner like this about any other female pals?


chants Three More Likes!




No, only this friend because she thinks there has been action.



  • old el paso fajita kit (made some guacamole type mush earlier and all)
  • pasta pesto (no bacon or mushrooms available)
  • nothing

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FNL is better than mad men.


oh sorry this is an old thread


My girlfriend just suggested we go to a ‘ukulele jam session’ in a bar (free pint if you bring your own ukulele)

  • Yes
  • Christ no

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OK aside from all that lady nonsense just now, there is a more pressing matter at hand, which is where I live for the rest of this year, London or Norwich? Here are my thoughts, pros, cons etc:

Basically, the situation is I’m back to commuting from Norwich (at the weekends) at the moment as my sublet ran out at the weekend and I didn’t really have the time or money to find somewhere new as I’ve had a pretty full on few weeks.

Now, the latest is, I have been offered a room back at my old place in the Norwegian Church in Rotherhithe BUT it’s only for two months as the building is getting knocked down in the new year. However, it does give me a little more time, is reasonably priced (£500 p.m, no deposit but would need to pay the first month up front) and would mean living with friends again, as well as keeping my current job and work full time. In theory, if I’m strict with myself, I can save some money even in this situation.

The alternative is, I get a Christmas job in Norwich and stay with my parents, which means I will probably save more money, however, I get bored quite easily in Norwich (maybe I need that though, who knows) and it would mean things being a bit more tricky with my bands and going to gigs/practice etc

Here’s some bullet points:


  • Keep the current job and work full time
  • Closer to current bands to make shows and practice easier
  • More exciting city
  • Live (temporarily) with friends giving me a bit more time and space
  • Earn London Living Wage currently which is going to be quite hard to beat.


  • Expensive/spend money on rent
  • More temptations to spend said money
  • I’m currently in a bit of a bad routine in London, but this is something I can change.


  • Save more money and then decide to either move elsewhere or stay once Xmas job is finished
  • Still some friends here but
  • In theory, fewer temptations to go out and spend money unnecessarily
  • Potentially easier to get seen for mental health? But again I can sort this either way (and it will probably take the same amount of time)


  • Potentially will make bands pretty difficult
  • Get bored here easily (which has sometimes led me to go out anyway but again, can address this)
  • I don’t have my own room at my parents so not ideal either.

General Stuff

  • Need to cut down on the booze, which as much as I enjoy my current job, isn’t sometimes helpful for this
  • Need to make sure I’m exercising and/or meditating every day

So with all that, whatddya think?

  • London
  • Norwich

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would you be crashing on the couch/floor at your parents’ place? I did that for 2 months while commuting into London before I moved to Spain, and it was awful.


How come it’s getting knocked down? Thought it would be listed


Not the church itself, there’s accommodation in the garden which is going


Yeah on the floor on a futon


couldn’t hack doing that again myself tbh, man. I guess if you have a move out date in mind, it might be doable. you’re not exactly losing anything by moving back for a bit?

one thing I found is that the temptation to go out and spend money (booze, nights out, fags for me) will always be there. moving home for a couple of months did enable me to save money, but I wouldn’t say I broke that habit during my stay there innit.


The positives of living with friends and in a better city while still being able to hopefully save some money suggests London to me pal


I don’t think there’s a wrong choice and there’s a lot to be said for saving up some money, but if it was me I’d regret the missed times with bands and friends.


Yeah I’ll definitely still go out


i’ve actually got a cheap ukulele so would consider turning up, holding it up for the barman, downing the pint and then fucking off somewhere better.


genuinely took my brain a couple of minutes to realise ‘Norwegian’ ≠ ‘Norwich’