Thread for having the social board make decisions for you


Oh and either way I’d be looking at doing this until January


I think this will make it pretty hard to get the rest and headspace you seem to need, along with affecting the exercise and meditations plans.

From how you describe it I’m not sure being home would even be that relaxing for you, so London definitely seems like the way to go.

(Coming from someone who literally just moved back into the city after being home for 3 months due to having no life goals lol. I felt at a loose end, didn’t make progress with the thingfs I wanted to and just felt cut off from doing fun engaging things - and I still had a proper bed and my own room)


It’s rare I’d advise people to move/ stay in London but lack of room at SeveredSeniors’ might have more impact on MH than you’d gain from being away from booze/ temptation.


if youre gonna get your drinking under control may as well do it in London. theres always gonna be booze around to tempt you


In the nicest way possible, and I hope it comes across as genuine as I do have a lot of empathy with your situation, you’re doing that thing we’re you’re agonizing over a decision as if its a binary RIGHT/WRONG choice.

Honestly , having short term things is all well and good but having somewhere solid (it normally doesn’t matter where) with a regular income (this matters a bit more but I can’t over-emphasise how much a stable source of income means) is better in almost all scenario’s I come across - it can always be scrubbed off and started again if needs be. Always going to be outliers and anomalies, but that doesn’t seem to bear out for you from what you’ve written over the past 3+ years.

Sincerely, all the best.


also use 2 months of living in London to find somewhere else to live


That’s the plan, aye


Thank you, I totally get what you mean from my past posts but I’d actually argue that I’m aware there’s no right or wrong answer here, both have benefits and failings which are fairly equal, and the more important thing is I sort my shit out wherever I am, this is more about where, in peoples humble opinions, where I may have a better chance of doing that while I hopefully find a way out of this seemingly never ending transitory stage and into something more but stable :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah that’s a fair argument, re-reading. I just don’t think either of those things are particularly healthy but I’m a very delicate person who needs to be alone all the time.

Good luck!


That’s fair, but as things currently stand, these are the options I’ve been presented with :slightly_smiling_face:

And unfortunately I still have to work my way towards stability because I have no savings and my MH can be erratic, but this is me trying to do something about it


It’s a bit of a no brainer IMO.
Living in London with your friends will give you the better MH boost than staying home with your parents. You’ll have independence and freedom.

As for booze, you’re always going to be in situations where you’re around alcohol no matter where you are so you need to work on your own self control/discipline.

How far is your job from the place you’ll be living in London?
Can you walk/cycle/run to or from work? That’ll save money AND be the exercise you need.


Unfortunately too far to walk/run, and I don’t currently have a bike but I borrowed one when living at the church before, (Though it’s slightly awkward as it’s Rotherhithe to Hackney Wick so unless I go through a tunnel I’d need to go to tower bridge first) however I will be right next to Southwark Park which I used to run around previously so it’s easy enough to get back into that routine PLUS I don’t need to go through zone 1 (and generally off peak) so travel isn’t too expensive.

But yeah as you say, the important thing isn’t being strict with myself from now on, too often I’ve tried and fallen back into old habits and comforts and it needs to stop.


Should I go back to the record shop I was at yesterday and buy the original pressing of Blue Monday for £12 (feels like a lot of cash but it’s so fucking coooooool and the song is an old pal)

  • Yeah man do it
  • Ehh this is a bad idea, you should buy the version of Movement they have with the alternate American artwork for £15 instead (no)

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It’s a great record to pull off the shelf and be a music bore about :slight_smile:

More than that though, it still sounds great when you play it out.


I get back to the train station at 00:51. My wife’s in NOLA, but a load of people I know are on a night out. Should I just go home or join them?

  • Go home ma0sm, people keep saying you look a bit sick lately. Get some sleep.
  • Join them ma0sm, you’re not often around for big nights, would be a good chance to get to know people a bit better.

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I am telling you to join them but it is not something I would ever do myself



Had almost convinced myself not to join them, but swore I’d never post in this thread unless I really wanted to play the dice game, so I guess I’m joining them


Option 3: Vegas


should I get my car insurance from the company that is the cheapest but that has terrible reviews, or opt for one I know to be alright but costs £112 more. Context: my car is junk.

  • Go for the cheapest, as long as you have cover who cares
  • You get what you pay for

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Hi friends, shall I:

  • Go to a bonfire with friends, meet new people, watch the world burn
  • carry on sitting around watching friends, eating prawn crackers and satay sauce

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